World Giraffe Day 2022: Lone giraffe Khushi clings to life at Nandankanan in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Today is World Giraffe Day. This day is observed on 21st of June every year across the world. This day is an annual celebration that aims to raise awareness, promote conservation efforts and appreciate the beautiful species.

Giraffes are ones of their own kinds in the animal kingdom, with respect to their long necks, and patterned bodies.

These ancient animals are at risk in their natural habitat due to a number of factors, including poaching and destruction of their ecosystems and habitats. They are undergoing silent extinction.

These majestic animals are critically endangered, and their numbers have decreased by over 20% in the last 25 years as per reports.

However, as per reports, a female giraffe named ‘Khushi’ has been kept in captivation at the Nandankanan Zoological Park (NZP) in the capital city of Odisha. The plight of Khusi in the zoo rends hearts as she clings to life all alone and is companionless since a long time.

It is not that the NZP authorities have not tried, but their multiple attempts to bring a Giraffe partner for Khushi have failed. Reportedly, earlier two giraffes had been brought to the zoo but they could not survive.

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