Patua Jatra at Patana Mangala temple in Odisha’s Bhadrak: Watch

Hundreds of Patua devotees take holy bath on Pana Sankranti at pond near Patna Mangala shrine in Narendrapur area

Bhadrak: The Patana Mangala pitha in Narendrapur area of Bhadrak district in Odisha went festive on the Bishuba Sankranti day as hundreds of patua devotees were seen taking holy dip in the nearby pond holding the holy stick in their hand.

Large number of devotees crowded the place to get a glimpse of the Goddess and to pay their obeisance. Some devotees were seen offering earthen horses to the Goddess, which is said to be favourite of the Goddess, while some others have become patua and taking holy dip in the nearby pond. It is believed that all the wishes of the devotees get fulfilled by the grace of Goddess Patana Mangala.

This festival has been celebrated at the shrine of Patana Mangala in Tihidi block for the last many years. As per the tradition, hundreds of devotees take holy dip in the pond as patua devotee. Patuas hold a bamboo. Every year the festival is observed in the shrine on the Bishuba Sankranti or Pana Sankranti day.

The festival had been stopped for the last 2 years due to Corona pandemic. Hence, the patuas were not being allowed for the holy bath.

The temple administration had made all the arrangement for smooth conduct of the festival this year. Also, temporary kiosks had been opened where vendors were selling different items.

It has been learnt that special worship will be carried out in the shrine across this month.

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