Mystery animal strikes in Barang area; 4 more sheep killed

Kalinga TV News Network

Barang sheepBarang: The sheep killing spree that started in Niali area some two and a months ago before spreading to other parts of the state has now reached Barang area on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar with four more sheep found killed at Kurangpradhan village late last night.

The attack by the mystery animal(s) on the cattle shed of Azizul Rehman of the village under Barang block also left three other sheep injured.

The killing of the sheep, the first in the area, has spread panic among sheep-rearers in Barang area.

Nearly 300 sheep have been killed by a mystery animal at various places in the state over the last two and a half months. There has, however, been a pattern to the killing of sheep with deep gashes made in their necks and the stomachs ripped apart by the killer animal, which is yet to be identified despite several teams of experts visiting the affected areas. Their pug marks have been studied, traps have been laid and night long vigil maintained in an effort to identify, if not capture, the mystery animal, but to no avail.

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