Municipality Chairperson throws file at Executive Officer: Photo surfaces

Jajpur: Earlier a video had gone viral where it was seen that a lady was throwing a file at a gentleman. The said woman had been identified as Sangeeta Pingua , the Municipality Chairperson of Vyasanagar in Jajpur district of Odisha. And the victim officer was Ashok Rout, the executive officer. The incident reportedly took place in Byasanagar Municipality office.

However, today a photo is making the rounds where both Pingua and Rout are seen. In the photo the lady is seen spoon-feeding the officer, probably a piece of sweet.

As per reports, the executive officer Ashok Rout had issued a NOC in the matter of installing of a mobile tower. However, the lady chairman was angry over it. Hence, yesterday she called the executive officer to her chamber and scolded him in presence of a few councillors. Even she threw a file towards the officer that hit his chest.

The video of the Chairman throwing the file at the executive officer went viral.

We are yet to ascertain whether this photo is today’s one or it is an old photo. Some people have claimed it to be an old photo posted earlier on social media.

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