Groom from Germany lands in Odisha to marry girlfriend: Watch

Balasore: In a joyous incident, a boy from Germany and a girl from Odisha’s Balasore have set an example of ‘Basudhaiba Kutumbakam’. A girl from Balasore has married a German boy. The wedding took place with consent of both the families. Recently, the marriage was held in Balasore for which the groom flied all the way from Germany to Odisha along with his parents, relatives and a few friends to tie the nuptial knot with the Odia girl from Balasore.

This was a case of ‘Love birds get marry’. Initially the two meet each other in Germany as they were working in a company. The two colleagues soon developed friendship which ultimately turned to love. And now they are married.

The marriage was executed abiding complete Hindu traditions in presence of the parents of both the boy and girl.

Sonali is the elder daughter of former BSNL AGM Ramachandra Nayak of Balasore. After pursuing computer science in IIIT she moved to Mumbai for her job. Later she shifted her base to Germany to do her MS in Artificial Intelligence. In these days she is the junior data scientist of TD Reply in Germany. Michel was her senior. He was the senior system Manager at TD Reply. Michel Wageyogik is from Poland.

After marriage the couple is now living in Germany. During leisure hours Sonali and her hubby talk to her parents in Odisha through Video call. The Odia family is happy about the marriage and the German son-in-law.

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  1. Ss says

    Seriously, this is a news piece? German guy married odiya girl in Odisha abiding to Indian customs. And of course it’s very important information for readers that they make video call from Germany in their leisure time.

    Dear reporter and editor, please show some self respect and respect for reporting.

  2. Shiv says

    I am so surprised we take this as news. What is message here? Odia girl marrying a white skin? We are trying encourage inter racial marriage? Or white skins are god or masters and Indian are slaves and these instances will that? I can understand if marriage was done and it did good for the community, then it’s worthy of reporting.

  3. Kamal says

    Love has no cast, creed and color but if it will continue till the end of life then ok else life will be miserable.

  4. Prahlad says

    Wish you happiest Marriage life.

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