Good News For Facebook Users! This New Feature Will Immensely Help You

There is no doubt that Facebook is the most used online social media and social networking service across the globe. It gets 2.70 billion monthly active users. Keeping in the mind the need and demand of the social networking site, Facebook officials are leaving no stones unturned to help the users to get better services following which they are rolling out new features in regular intervals.

Now Facebook has started rolling out Dark Mode support on mobile users and the feature is currently live with some users globally.

How to use dark mode

For mobile’s dark mode on mobile, first the phone needs to be updated from the Play Store. After this, to turn on the dark mode on the Facebook app, you have to click on the top right corner of the mobile. After this, you have to click on the Setting & Privacy option. If the dark mode is rolled out on your smartphone, then Dark Mode will appear. After this, tap on Dark Mode will have to be enabled. Before this, support has been provided on the Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger app by Facebook. However, like Facebook, the last one has the support of dark mode in the main app, which is a bit shocking.

What happens in dark mode

Dark mode overall changes the color of the operating system (OS) or application to black, which is called Dark Mode. This makes it easier to use mobile phones during the night. Also, there is less effect on the eyes.

Benefits of dark mode

The brightness of the mobile remains balanced. Mobile battery costs less. Good for the eyes.

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