Forest fire in Similipal of Odisha, wildlife under threat

Karanjia: Forest fire in Similipal seems to be raging with each passing day. The forest is burning day and night, said reports on Saturday. The fire is spreading from one hill to another.

According to reports due to the fire, the entire environment has become smoky. Yesterday there was a fire at 42 points in Similipal. This morning, 35 points of the sanctuary are on fire. RCCF has informed that fire has broken out at 22 points in North Similipal, while fire has broken out at 13 points in South Similipal.

Forest department staff and ODRAF team have been involved to douse the flames. About 300 squads have been formed to put out the flames. Wild animals and valuable trees are now in danger due to the fire in the sanctuary. Awareness programs have been conducted at 284 places in the sanctuary.

Due to the effect of forest fire, a large number of wild animals are fleeing to the settlements. Their lives are lost when they are caught by hunters or villagers near the forest. However, people are being alerted for the protection of wild animals that are moving towards human settlements. People are advised to immediately inform the forest department if they see animals near the village.

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