Drunkard man beaten to death by wife and daughter in Odisha

Sundergarh: In a shocking incident, a drunkard man was beaten to death by his wife and daughter following a family dispute at Kaleipash village under Bisra police station limits of Sundergarh district yesterday.
A complained was filed by the deceased man’s sister in Bisra police station stating that the mother and daughter allegedly murdered her brother by beating him.
According to sources, the deceased who has been identified as Etwa Mundari was a carpenter. He allegedly used to torture his wife and three children daily after coming back home from work.
He would waste the earned money by buying liquor after work while her wife, who is a mother of three children, was working in different houses to earn a living for her children. However, it was not enough for them.
Etwa used to beat his wife and children before they could ask him anything.
This torture continued to happen on a daily basis with the mother and children, but they never complained to anyone out of fear. However, Etwa crossed the limit yesterday as he started beating his wife. The eldest daughter could not tolerate the torture and pushed him while saving her mother.
During the fight, Etwa sustained severe injury on his head and died on the spot.
Etwa’s sister Manduli Mundari filed a complaint against his wife and daughter following her brother’s death.
Based on her complaint, Bisra police started an investigation into the matter and arrested the mother and daughter.
While speaking about the matter, DSP P.K. Mishra said, “A poor tribal family got destroyed due to liquor. Now the father is dead while his wife and eldest daughter are in the jail. Futures of two other children are now uncertain.”

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