Devotee vomits inside Puri Srimandir, holy trinity’s ‘Maha Snana’ performed

Puri: The Maha Snana ritual of Lord Jagannath and his siblings were performed after a devotee reportedly vomited inside the Puri Srimandir this afternoon.

According to sources, a devotee reportedly vomited near the inner steps of the ‘Jaya Vijaya Dwara’ near the ‘Bhitara Katha’ during the general darshan after ‘Madhyana Dhoopa’.

The servitors then had to perform the Maha Snana ritual with the aim to purify the 12th century shrine.

Generally, the Maha Snana ritual (grand purification) of the holy trinity is performed when any untoward incidents takes place inside the temple premises.

On December 24, 2023 also the “Maha Snana” rituals was performed after blood was spotted in the Srimandir. Though exactly under what circumstances the blood stain came there was not known, it was suspected that one of the devotees might have got injured and blood was found inside the temple premises. The rituals of Lord Jagannath were delayed for almost two hours as the temple had to be purified after blood spill was spotted. Even the general darshan was closed.

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  1. Sumit says

    Because of the mismanagement of the temple authority, the people are suffering a lot due to uncontrolled crowd inside the temple. That’s why such incidents are coming up.

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