Bhubaneswar: Maximum 50 persons allowed in marriage function at any point of time

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Tuesday revised its guidelines regarding the number of people allowed to attend Marriage functions, funerals, thread ceremony etc. BMC issued an order that said about the modifications in the guideline.

As per the modifications the maximum number of persons allowed during marriage related function or funeral related functions or thread ceremony related functions will be 50 (Fifty) at any point of time.

In a closed space only 50 per cent of the hall capacity will be allowed to use subject to maximum ceiling of 50 persons at any given point of time.

When it comes to functions at any open space, only that many participants are allowed so that social distancing of 6 feet can be maintained among the participants, subject to a maximum limit of 50 persons at any given point of time.

These stipulations will also be applicable to other official/ business related functions.

These guidelines will be effective till 31 Oct 2021.

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