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5 Must-Do Things on Makar Sankranti This Year

Bhubaneswar: The holy ‘Makar Sankranti’ which makes the lone Hindu festival based on solar calendar, while all other festivals follow the lunar calendar, is celebrated in myriads cultural forms across India brings good fortune with it every year.

Celebrated on January 15 every year the festival is also considered as the harvest festival in different names in different states. In South India, it is observed as ‘Pongal’. In Assam, it is called ‘Bihu’ in Punjab people mingle to celebrate the same as ‘Lohri’ and in Bihar denizens celebrated as ‘Khichdi festival’.

Whatever be the name and form the ‘Makar Sankranti’ otherwise known as ‘Maghi’ marks the ascendancy and entry of Sun into the Northern-Hemisphere pointing at the fact that the chilling weather is about to end. Sun God is worshipped on the occasion which is believed to bring good fortune by ending the dark phase and the bringing in the new phase in one’s life.

The co-relation of cosmic events with man’s life and values is one of the most astounding traits of Hindu Masters hence several ‘must do’ things have been prescribed by them for this occasion.

Must-Do Things on ‘Makar Sankranti’

  1. Chant Sun God’s Mantra:

As Makar Sankranti is considered as the festival of ‘Sun God’ as per the Hindu mythology, special measures taken to please His brings good fortune and prosperity. As a part of chanting “Om Ghruni Suryay Namah” gets one rid of all troubles faced from the ‘Sun God’.

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  1. Increase Sadhana:

If done on Makar Sankranti with sincerity the ‘Sadhana’ mentioned in Hindu scriptures multiplies in its results. Hence on this day people should chant hymns continuously and indulge themselves in ‘Satseva’ and ‘Satsang’ which in return will fill their lives with bliss.

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  1. Take Holy Dip At a Sacred Place:

On the occasion of ‘Maghi’, the other name of Makar Sankranti devotees in lakhs choose to take dip in river Ganga and elsewhere, which frees them from all sins and yields great merits. The practise also cures diseases. Who don’t get the privilege of visiting these places can have the same advantage by keeping ‘bhav’ (spiritual emotion) that the water is from Holy Rivers. Taking bath in water mixed with sesame seeds becomes very beneficial.

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  1. Donate as per Your Capacity:

Donation or ‘Daan’ constitutes a vital aspect of a Hindu’s life. On this occasion the same becomes even more important. Items like new utensils, clothes, sesame seeds, gold, food and land are considered as most suitable for donation. While giving the donation, one can chant the name of God.

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  1. Gift Spiritual Items:

Gifting the fellow beings with items which could be used for spiritual purposes and act as an instrument to spread ‘Dharma’ in society is a must-do thing on the Makar Sankranti. Incense sticks, pictures of deities, holy scriptures, books on spirituality can be gifted to near and dear ones on this occasion.

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