25 year old woman from Washington loses 62 kilograms after humiliating experience

Sara Lockett from Washington managed to lose 62 kgs after she got into an embarrassing situation while playing with her son.

A 25 year old woman from Washington managed to drop 62 kilograms after she faced a humiliating incident. She got stuck on a slide in front of her son and had to be pulled off by her husband.

The woman from Washington, Sara Lockett used to weigh 114 kilograms. She told Caters news as she recalled the incident that once her son was too scared to go down the slide by himself and asked her to go with him. She recalled that when the slide took a turn she got stuck and was unable to get out or go down any further. She also mentioned that her husband had to pull her out of there.

It was a life changing incident for her that she said will forever be etched into her memory. She realised at that moment that she needed to do something to get her life back.

Lockett, who has two children, said that she had put on excessive weight during her pregnancies. She also admitted to having a very unhealthy diet and binge eating. She ate what she could during the day following which she ate two dinners along with a lot of snacks. She consumed anywhere around 3000 calories per day! New York Post reported that she used to gulp down pop tarts for breakfast, followed by a burger, chicken nuggets, and a large sugary soda.

After the slide incident, Lockett tried to lose weight by controlling her diet and exercising. However, the results were not great. She was soon diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS, which made losing weight even harder. The doctors then suggested that she undergoes gastric sleeve to lose weight and get her hormone levels balanced.

She underwent the surgery in September 2021 and was lucky enough that most of the cost was covered by her insurance company.

She was aiming for a weight around 70 kilograms, but now she weighs 53 kilograms, thanks to the healthy habits she has developed. She works out regularly and has egg whites with tomatoes and spinach for breakfast. She has a small portion of rice along with steamed vegetables and minced turkey for lunch, and her normal dinner is chicken or shrimp wrapped in lettuce leaves.

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