Ram Mandir a landmark in India’s re-discovery of civilisational heritage: President Droupadi Murmu

New Dehi: President Droupadi Murmu on Thursday said the newly inaugurated Ram Mandir in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya city will be considered by the historians in the coming times as a landmark in India’s continued re-discovery of its civilisational heritage

The President said this during her address to the nation a day ahead of the country’s 75th Republic Day.

She said that 75th year of the Republic is truly a historic milestone in the journey of the nation in many ways.

“Earlier this week, we witnessed the historic consecration ceremony of the idol of Prabhu Shri Ram in the glorious new temple constructed at his birthplace in Ayodhya. When this event will be seen in the wider perspective, the future historians will consider it a landmark in India’s continued re-discovery of its civilisational heritage. The construction of the temple commenced after the due judicial process and the decision of the highest court of the land. Now it stands as a grand edifice, giving a befitting expression not only of people’s faith but also as a testament to people’s enormous trust in judicial process,” she said.

The President also remembered two-time late Bihar chief minister Karpoori Thakur.

She said that Karpoori Thakur was tireless champion of social justice.

“He was one of the greatest advocates of backward classes who dedicated his life for their welfare. His life was a message. I pay my tribute to Karpoori Thakur for enriching public life through his contributions,” President Murmu said.

She further said: “Tomorrow is the day when we celebrate the commencement of the Constitution. Its Preamble begins with the words ‘We, the People of India’, highlighting the theme of the document, namely, democracy. In India, democratic system is much older than the concept of western democracy. That is the reason why India is called the mother of democracy.”

President Murmu said that the nation is in the early years of ‘Amrit Kaal’, the period leading to the centenary of Independence.

“This is the time of an epochal transformation. We are given a golden opportunity to take the country to new heights. Contribution from every citizen will be crucial to achieve our goals. For this, I will appeal to all my fellow citizens to abide by our fundamental duties enshrined in the Constitution.

“Here, I think of Mahatma Gandhi who had rightly said, ‘No people have risen who thought only of rights. Only those did so who thought of duties’. The successful organising of the Group of 20 Summit in the capital, under India’s presidency, was an unprecedented achievement. What was all the more noteworthy was the way the people were involved in the G20 events.

“The ideas and inputs travelled not downwards from the top but upwards from the bottom. The magnificent event provided lessons for all in making citizens participants in strategic and diplomatic matters that are, in the final analysis, going to shape their own future. The G20 Summit also boosted India’s emergence as the voice of the Global South, adding a necessary element to the international discourse,” the President said.

She also mentioned women’s reservation bill in her address. “I believe the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam will prove to be a revolutionary tool of women’s empowerment. It will also go a long way in improving the processes of our governance. When more women will be involved in the matters of collective importance, our administrative priorities will be more in tune with the needs of the masses. It was also the year when India went to the moon, becoming the first to land on the lunar south pole region. After Chandrayaan-3, the Indian Space Research Organisation rolled out a solar mission as well. Recently, Aditya L1 was successfully put into the halo orbit.”

President Murmu further said: “Our GDP growth rate has remained the highest among major economies in recent years, and we have all reasons to believe that this extraordinary performance will continue in the year 2024 and beyond.”

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