PM stresses on water conservation In First Mann Ki Baat Of Second Term

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday resumed his radio programme, Mann Ki Baat. This was his first show after his second successful term.

PM Modi made three major requests to the nation as it stares at a looming water crisis.

As his first request, he asked for starting a people’s movement (jan andolan) for water conservation. This was on the lines of Swacchta Mission- one of the NDA government’s flagship programme. In his second request, he asked people to “share traditional knowledge on water conservation” passed through generations. Lastly, he requested that names of people and organizations working for water conservation be shared for the creation of a unique national database.

Importance of Water Conservation

“Water scarcity affects many parts of the country every year. You will be surprised that only 8% of the water received from rains in the entire year is harvested in our country. Now the time has come to find a solution to this problem. I believe, like the other problems on hand, we can also solve this predicament by the participation of the people,” PM Modi said in Mann Ki Baat.

“There is no fixed way to conserve water. In different parts, different methods may be adopted but the aim is the same – to conserve every drop of water,” the PM said.

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Emphasising on the role to be played by new Jal Shakti ministry, Modi also urged Indians to share ideas and inspiration regarding water conservation using the hashtag #JanShakti4JalShakti.

PM also spoke about the Emergency in 1977 and how fundamental rights were trampled during this period while emphasising the importance of polls in upholding democracy. “Every citizen during the Emergency felt like he had lost something,” he said.

PM Narendra Modi’s radio programme Mann Ki Baat resumed today almost a month after the PM returned to power. This was the first Mann ki Baat programme in Modi’s second consecutive term as the Prime Minister.

He also asked the listeners to give him feedback on Narendra Modi App on books they enjoyed.

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