Beware of Scammers: Software Professional loses Rs 10.5 lakh after clicking on Instagram Ad

A software professional from Manguluru fell victim to a scam and lost Rs 10 lakhs after clicking Instagram ad offering a part-time job.

Manguluru– A software professional from Manguluru fell victim to a scam after responding to a misleading Instagram ad offering a part-time job opportunity. The scam involved promising profits in return for investments, leading the victim to lose a substantial amount of money.

The victim, seeking to earn extra income, encountered an alluring advertisement on Instagram that claimed to offer lucrative earnings. Upon expressing interest by messaging the provided WhatsApp number (9899183689), the victim was directed to connect with a person on Telegram using the handle @khannika9912.

The scammer, through Telegram, lured the victim by offering a 30% return on investments. To gain trust, the scammer initially deposited Rs 9,100 into the victim’s account after she transferred Rs 7,000 to a UPI ID via Google Pay.

As confidence grew, the victim was persuaded to invest more substantial amounts. Unfortunately, after transferring Rs 20,000 to the same UPI ID, she was informed that the account was blocked, and no money was received. Despite this setback, she transferred a staggering Rs 10,50,525 to the same ID. It was only at this point that she realized she had fallen prey to a scam and reported the incident to the police.

Staying Safe from Scams: Tips to Remember

To avoid falling victim to such scams, individuals should exercise caution and follow these safety measures:

Choose Trusted Platforms

When seeking part-time jobs, prefer authentic job portals like LinkedIn,, or Indeed. Such platforms are safer and more reliable.

Verify the Source           

If considering opportunities from other sources, thoroughly research the person or company offering the job. Look for genuine information such as company name and contact details. Conducting a quick online search can help verify the legitimacy of the opportunity.

Protect Personal Information

Be cautious about sharing personal details like name and phone number. Only provide such information on reputable and credible websites.

No Money Transfers

Never transfer money to unfamiliar bank accounts, especially at the request of strangers. Legitimate employers or companies will not require you to pay money for a job.

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