IT firm gifts 5 senior employees with BMW cars

Chennai: IT firm Kissflow Inc presented a BMW 6 series car to each of its top five employees as a reward for their performance and loyalty towards the company, even in its hard times during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The cars were handed over on Friday afternoon during a big event which was kept a secret. Each of the BMW 530d, priced at Rs 1 crore, was given to the employees as part of the 10th anniversary of Kissflow Inc.

Chief Product Officer, Dinesh Varadharajan, Director of Product Management, Kausikram Krishnasayee, Directors, Vivek Madurai and Aditi Ramanathan, and Vice President, Prasanna Rajendran, received the gifts.

The company, which is in the development of software for international clients, had gone through hard times and CEO, Suresh Sambandam, had said that the five were with him when the others had left.

The company has now paid back its debts to all the investors and has fully become a private organisation.

Although, they do not have separate sick or casual leaves, unlike other companies, the employees can, however, work from home if they do not want to go to office.

Kissflow Inc does not have a biometric system in office as they fully trust their employees.

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