Oppo teases a new retractable camera that zooms in like a Digicam ahead of Inno Day 2021 Event

Popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO has introduced a new camera technology for smartphones ahead of it’s Inno Day 2021 Event. Oppo has showcased the interesting technology for mobile cameras on its official Twitter page.

Oppo shared a teaser video of a new smartphone with a retractable camera through a tweet that said, “Most pop-ups are annoying… But not our self-developed retractable camera.”

Here is the tweet:

The video released by the tech giant shows a smartphone with a pop-up camera that looks like a digicam.

Now-a-days, all major smartphone manufacturer are giving more focus towards the smartphone camera unit. They try to improve the picture and video quality with new technologies and features.

Most difficult feature to add to a camera unit is the zoom functionality as adding more Zoom to a camera unit makes the smartphone more bulky and mobile phone users prefer their device to be slimmer.

The new retractable camera of Oppo pops-up upwards, which is similar to how a digicams works. The technology allows the lens to extend outwards horizontally.

The teaser also shows the camera as water-proof. The lens is said to be retract inside the moment the device recognises any sudden motion, especially when the phone falls. That means, when the phone falls, the lens will not get damaged.

The device will most likely come with a 1/1.56-inch sensor along with a 50mm focal length lens and an aperture of F2.4, said reports.

Apart from the pop-up camera, the camera module will hold two more camera sensors along with a flash. However, the teaser does not reveal the name of the smartphone or any other information about the device.

So, more information will be available during the two-day Oppo Inno Day 2021 event starting December 12.

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