iPhone Battery not lasting longer? Turn off these iOS settings to get long lasting Battery life

widget to remove them.The iPhone got a new Battery Health menu with the latest iOS 17.4 update. The renamed Battery Health menu now displays whether your battery is normal or not and shows how many times the battery has been cycled.

If your iPhone battery is not lasting longer then you can utilise some tips to keep your iPhone battery healthy. The commonly known tips to save battery life are optimized charging, avoiding overheating your iPhone and not letting the battery drain to zero.

However, there are some much lesser known that can help you keep your iPhone’s battery alive longer. Let’s discuss two such ways that will help you to increase the battery life of your iPhone.

How to increase iPhone battery life

There are two features in iOS 16 and iOS 17 that affect the iPhone’s battery to varying degrees. You can turn off these two features to prolong the iPhone’s battery life.

Remove widgets from iPhone lock screen

You might not know but by putting by putting the widgets on your lockscreen drains the iPhone battery life as they force your apps to automatically run in the background to keep you updated with the latest information like sports scores or the weather.

So, you can turn off the widgets on your lock screen to save some battery on iOS 17. You can remove the widgets from your existing lock screen by pressing down on your lock screen then Customize >> Lock Screen option >>widget box. Then select the widget to remove them.

Or you can just switch to another lock screen profile that doesn’t have any widgets. If you’re already low on battery, it’s best to just switch to a wallpaper that doesn’t have lock screen widgets.

Turn off iPhone’s haptic keyboard feedback

The “haptic feedback” feature that was rolled out with the iOS 16 update drains the iPhone battery. The haptic feedback gives a vibration for each key as you type to offer a more more immersive experience. However, Apple has warned that this feature may also affect battery life.

According to this Apple support page about the keyboard, haptic feedback “might affect the battery life of your iPhone.” Though, the tech giant did not provide any explanation on how the feature affects the battery life. We should keep this feature disabled to conserve battery.

You can disable it by heading to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback and toggle off Haptic to turn off haptic feedback for your keyboard.

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