Are spam calls ruining your day, Try these tricks to avoid the unnecessary calls

On a day to day basis, spam calls are perhaps the most irritating calls for a person with smartphone. The spam calls not only ruin your mood, but also ruin your personal time. Even though most of the people with smartphone get spam calls on a regular basis, they do not have any way to deal with them. However, there are few tricks which can be used to get rid of spam calls easily.

A spam call is quite similar to that of an email spam. Both of them are form of unwanted communication and should be avoided at all occasion. Sometimes the spam calls or emails are that frequent that they can cause uninterrupted disturbance.

Use the simple settings on your smartphone to avoid spam calls. The detail about the issue is mentioned below.

Use the Call forwarding feature

The Call forwarding feature can come in handy if you are pissed off from spam calls. Enabling the call forwarding feature will enable us to get rid of spam calls.

Open settings on your smartphone and then search for the call forwarding option. In the call forwarding section, you will find additional three options. The three options are ‘always forward’, ‘forward when busy’ and ‘forward when unattended’. Choose the always forward option. Choose a number that is unused or not active. Now enable the always forward option.

Use the Call barring feature

Another convenient option to stop spam calls from bothering you is by enabling ‘call barring’ option. Open Call settings on your device and select ‘call barring’ option. Then select ‘All incoming calls’ and then use call barring password. Generally, the password is ‘0000’ or ‘1234’. Lastly ‘turn on’ the feature and you are done. There are certain settings in the call barring features which can be used to suit your particular needs. Kindly, read the information present in the settings to know more about the feature.

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