[Watch) Bhubaneswar: BMC team rescues stray dog, Call on this phone number for animal rescue

Bhubaneswar: An animal rescue team of the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) rescued a stray dog on Monday, that was stuck into a plastic jar and thus had not eaten or drunk for last 10 days. The team approached the dog and took out the plastic jar that had stuck to its face.

BMC has asked to call on this phone number for animal rescue 1800 345 7458. 

Seeing the miserable condition of the dog an animal lover Debaprasad Mahakud had earlier sought help to rescue the dog. He had asked help for the dog that had been seen near Maharshi College road in Satyanagar area of the capital city.

BMC intimated about the whole episode in a tweet saying, “A rapid action by the rescue team of BMC has saved the life of a stray dog on Monday. Soon after receiving the request by an animal lover namely Debaprasad Mahakud, BMC moved its team immediately to the spot. We thank him for bringing it to our notice.”

A dedicated toll-free number 1800 345 7458 is in service for rescuing animals.

“We request all to reach out to the number if they see any animal in distress like done by Debaprasad Mahakud,” BMC said.

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