WATCH: Viral video shows car stuck on hill slope, netizens call it Perfect Parking!

Unimaginable incidents are nothing uncommon anymore. Videos of such incidents often go viral on the internet. Now in a recent clip that has caught the internet’s attention, a car was seen stuck on a hill slope, amidst big trees. The car, painted in a striking blue color, remained stranded several feet above the highway.

In the video, one can see the car dangerously positioned between trees on the slope of a hill. Moreover, a truck was also stationed below the car, most likely to rescue the stranded vehicle. The scenario drew several theories from onlookers as they tried to figure out how the vehicle reached that position in the first place.

The video of the incident was originally shared on Facebook by the accounts ‘Kami Nak Layan Live’ and ‘Kau Tengok Jela.’ Comments on the post ranged from being serious to being full of humor. Netizens took to the comments section of the video and engaged in a light hearted argument. Some of the comments on the video read:

“The parking is perfect. Although the car flew high, the parking is good, not misjudged.”

“In 2024, cars can go hiking too..very worrying.”

Take a look at the viral video of the car stuck on hill here:

What are your thoughts on how the entire situation unfolded? Let us know.

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