WATCH: Orangutan picksup and wears sunglasses, video goes viral

Indonesia: Indonesia is famous for its wildlife conservation, one of which is the world’s largest wild population of Sumatran orangutans. The Indonesian zoo takes very good care of these creatures and these fun loving intelligent primates attracts many netizens.

In a hilarious video shared on TikTok by user Lola Testu’s (@minorcrimes) with the caption, “So I’m down a pair of sunglasses but up a very good story” shows how an orangutan picks up the shades dropped by a female visitor inside an orangutan enclosure. The animal loped over to the place where the shades were lying with her baby in one arm, picked up the shades and wore it.

Later in the video the animal could be seen eventually getting tired of the shades and throwing it away.

Wild orangutans are among the most intelligent of the great apes. Such adorable act pulled by this primate has won many hearts on various social media platforms.


Watch here:

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