WATCH: Man catches anaconda with bare hands, plants a kiss on its head

In a recent viral video, the internet seems to be abuzz with a wildlife encounter where a man catches a massive anaconda with bare hands.

In a recent viral video, the internet seems to be abuzz with a daring wildlife encounter that showcases a man’s extraordinary courage and skill. The heart-stopping footage captures the moment when a fearless man successfully catches a massive anaconda using his bare hands. The video was originally posted on Instagram by Mike Holston, a zoo keeper from Miami, Florida.

Also known by the name ‘The real Tarzan,’ Holston has gained widespread attention with this video. The viral video opens up to show Holston cautiously approaching the anaconda who is settled in its natural habitat. At one point of time, he seizes the opportunity and skilfully grabs the snake, showing commendable precision and control skills.

Onlookers, presumably fellow adventurers or by standers, react with a mix of shock as the man wrestles the serpent into submission. As if that was not enough, the man goes on to plant a kiss on the anaconda’s head. At the end of the video, he lifts the anaconda using both his hands.

The caption of the viral video reads, “What and expedition. Successfully caught a monster anaconda of Venezuela.” Take a look at the video where the man catches an anaconda with bare hands here:


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Posted on Instagram about five days back, the video has already garnered over 11.2 million views. It has also attracted numerous comments. Netizens gladly took to the comments section of the post to share their shock over the video.

Admiring Mike Holston’s bravery, one user wrote, “Probably the bravest black man on this planet.” Other comments on the video included, “That’s wildly impressive,” “The ending with kiss,” among several others.

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