WATCH: IAS officer with folded hands offers chair to priest, sparks debate on Internet

In the viral video, IAS officer Lakshay Singhal can be seen draping a shawl around the priest and joining hands in front of him. 

A video of an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer has taken the internet by storm. In the video, Lakshay Singhal, the District Magistrate of West Delhi, is seen showing respect to the priest in his office.

In the video, Mr. Singhal can be seen draping a shawl around the priest and speaking with him while joining his hands together in a sign of respect. Since the video went viral, it has gained a lot of attention online.

Reports suggest that the Delhi government is aware of the video, and a senior officer reached out to Mr. Singhal to understand why he let the priest sit in his chair.

Sources close to the matter say that Mr. Singhal explained that the priests are like his grandfather; that’s why he offered him his office chair as a mark of respect.

So far, the Delhi government has not taken any action against the IAS officer.

Since the video went viral on social media, it sparked debate and mixed reactions from netizens.

One user commented, “We have these kind of characters sitting in high positions today.” Another said, “Why shud he not be suspended for offering tax payers position to any random individual?”

A third user added, “I respect the intention and feeling of the student but he is just doing it so much.”

While some people appreciated him for respecting the priest. One wrote, “Respect for one’s guru is essential. He ensures we remain on the path of Dharma.”

Another added, “The officer is offering all his devotion to his teacher/guru/father here. Position will come and go but the guru blessings will remain forever.”

Mr. Lakshay Singhal, who belongs to the 2019 batch of the Arunachal Pradesh-Goa-Mizoram and Union Territory (AGMUT) cadre, continues his duties.

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