Viral wedding video: Watch how cleverly man steals cash from groom’s garland

Several videos are going viral on the internet every day. Some of them are very heart-touching while some are so funny and amusing. One such wedding video is now doing rounds on social media platforms.

The video was shared by an Instagram handle named ‘meemlogy and ghantaa’. Though the date or location of the wedding is yet to be known, in the video it can be seen that the bridegroom was surrounded by people and was listening to what some of his relatives are saying.

In the meantime, a man, who is assumed to be the groom’s friend and was sitting right next to him, attempts to steal some currency notes from the groom’s garland. He stops stealing the cash when the groom turns around. But as soon as he gets busy listening to the conversation again, the man quickly grabs a few currency notes and puts them in his pocket.

Someone captured the video of the incident and posted it on the social media platform, which has now gone viral massively.


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