Viral Video: Food vendor makes pav bhaji ice cream, Will you want to taste it

A video is going viral on Instagram, which shows a rather unusual food experiment of pav bhaji and ice cream. Watch the video here.

The trend of making some bizarre food combination by mixing some rather unimaginable ingredients has been ongoing. We have some very weird foods online such as chocolate pakoda to ice cream fry. We have seen people experimenting with different types of food ingredients.

Now, a new viral video on Instagram of a food item has surfaced that has sparked a variety of reactions from viewers. The video was shared on Instagram by user @cravingseverytim. It shows a rather unusual food experiment of pav bhaji and ice cream, a peculiar blend of spicy Indian street food and creamy frozen dessert.

In the video, a man can be seen adding pao, bhaji, onions, and chutney. When we thought he was going to make pao Bhaji, he adds them into an ice cream maker with cream and mixes them together to create an ice cream base. Once the mixture is ready, he skillfully rolls and garnished the Pavbhaji ice cream rolls with additional bhaji and onions.

This video has garnered hundreds of views and likes. The clip has sparked a variety of reactions from viewers. While, some people liked the concept, most of the viewers were outraged. Some of the comments express strong disapproval, with one individual saying, “I will vomit,” and another simple stating, “Yuck.” A third commenter suggested that those who create such bizarre food combinations should be the first ones to taste them, while a fourth person called the creation “disgusting.”

So what do you think, will you want to try it.  Watch the video here:


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