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Video viral: IndiGo employees toss boxes carelessly into trailer


Passengers often complain about their luggage being mishandled by airline companies. Some passengers also go to the extent of mentioning that their bags were broken, or never reached their destination.

Recently, a video went viral on Twitter, showing IndiGo employees tossing boxes carelessly, into a parked trailer. A Twitter user Dilli Wali Girlfrand named ‘triptoes’ posted a video where two baggage handlers could be seen handling two boxes. The boxes were being tossed carelessly into the parked trailer. After a moment, they were seen doing the same thing with larger boxes too. “Hi IndiGo, is this how you handle all flight luggage everyday or today was special?” captioned the user who shared the video on the internet.

As soon the video went viral, IndiGo tweeted their response to defend their actions. “Ms Goel, thank you for your feedback” The boxes in the video shared are not customers luggage but instead, these are fast moving, light weight containers carrying non-fragile cargo and packed by the shippers for us to endure fast maneuvers,’’ IndiGo responded.

Many travellers who have been left with damaged luggage after travelling via airlines,were not satisfied with the airline’s response.

While some Twitter users complained about the airline no longer using the “fragile” tag to mark luggage with breakable items, even after an official complaint to the desk, IndiGo mishandled their luggage, wrote another user.

One user even pointed out that “this is how ever airlines handle luggage all around the world”. “They have also gotten rid of the fragile tags because ‘we treat all bags like they are fragile’. Sure it looks like” another user added. Some of the users even shared images of their bags being broken and damaged.

Alongside the clip, a user wrote, “In that case, IndiGo, do these look like fast-moving, light weight containers carrying non-fragile cargo? They were throwing our luggage like they were rocks!”

In the meantime, On 28 November, IndiGo announced that they are coming with another airline’s Boeing Co. larger gets, which comes as an effort to plug capacity gaps amid a surge in travel demand.


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