Video of black necked spitting cobra drinking water from glass goes viral: Watch

A video has recently gone viral after posted to Instagram where a black necked spitting cobra is seen drinking water from glass. This species of spitting cobra possess medically significant venom and they can eject venom from their fangs when threatened. In other words, it is a deadly poisonous snake. It is really fascinating to watch that such a deadly creature is drinking water when a person is holding the glass and feeding it like we feed pet animals or human kids.

The video was posted to the account royal_pythons on November 15 while so far it has earned more than 126,300 views. The caption of the post reads, “This is amazing!! Thirsty Black-necked spitting cobra.” People have come up with interesting comments against this post.


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As we see in the video a person who has taken proper precaution by putting up gloves and other gears is slowly approaching towards the deadly snake so that it can drink water from the glass. The deadly cobra is then drinking water from the glass. After all, how deadly a creature may be, it needs water to drink. Every creature, including reptiles need water for survival to fulfil their thirst.

At this juncture, it is advisable that nobody should try such stunt at their own, because this involves high risk. One can die with just one bite of this snake. The person who is seen feeding the snake is a trained professional. Such persons have knowledge of how to deal with the situation in case the deadly snake turns hostile. Hence, general people should not try such stunt.

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