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Seven-month pregnant doctor dies of COVID-19, husband shares ordeal

In a shocking turn of events, a seven months pregnant doctor lost her unborn baby after she tested positive for Covid. Next day, she also lost her battle to the deadly virus.

The story of Dr Dimple Arora Chawla, a dentist by profession is breaking hearts on social media. She is now survived by her three-year-old son and her husband. But, a few days before her death, Dr. Chawla had left a video message.

In the video, she said, “I am making this video with great difficulty. I really want to tell each and everyone who knows me, please don’t take corona so lightly. Very bad, very bad symptoms. I am not able to speak. But I really want to convey my message to all.”

“Please wear mask. Whenever you go outside, whenever you interact with people, outside and at home, for your near ones’ and dear ones’ safety,” Dr Dimple Arora Chawla says.

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The video has gone viral after it was shared by her husband Ravish Chawla, who wanted to fulfill the last wishes of his wife to spread awareness, so that everyone takes the pandemic seriously and take necessary measures before things got worse.

“It was in her innate nature to inform people about what precautions they can take. So she had actually made this for our family and friends. But her untimely demise made me post this message to the world so that the world can know that you should not take Covid so lightly,” Ravish said.

“It was her message and you should be wearing a mask not just for yourself but for the elderly or pregnant women and that was my wife’s message. I just want people to know about it,” Ravish added.

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