Class 12 student from Bengal invents face mask, claims that can kill coronavirus

New Delhi: Amid the on-going pandemic, when scientists and researchers are yet to come up with any medicine for the deadly virus, a Class 12 student from West Bengal has developed an innovative mask which she claims can kill the coronavirus.

She has been identified as Digantika Bose, a Class 12 student from Bengal’s Purba Bardhaman district, who has created this unique mask.

Digantika’s unique mask will be exhibited in Google’s Museum of Design Excellence in Mumbai.

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Describing her mask, Digantika said, “I developed three chambers in the mask. There is a negative ion generator that filters the dust particles in the air and when the filtered air enters the second chamber, it reaches the third one which is a chemical chamber containing a mixture of soap and water, which can kill the virus.”

Like soap water has the power to kill viruses, Digantika said when the air reaches the third chamber, the chemical solution has the potential to kill the virus. In the similar manner, she said that if a Covid positive patient uses the mask, the air they exhale will go through a similar process and it can prevent the spread of the virus.

She further added that she has approached the state health department for trials on the mask and it could be a potential barrier against the spread of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the mask is yet to be scientifically proven to kill the deadly virus.

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