School bus driver saves 20 students despite heart attack

In an exemplary as well as emotional incident a school driver recently passed away in Rajasthan but till the end he did not forget his responsibility towards the on board 20 students.

As per reports, 40 year old Mahendra Singh from Amesar village in Bhilwara is the driver of a private school bus. Recently, he was driving the minibus to the school. As many as twenty students were in the bus.

The bus was half km away to reach the school when the driver faced heart attack. His condition abruptly deteriorated. However, he did not forget to execute his duty. He slowly drove the bus up to the school. As the 20 students got down safely from the bus in side the school campus, he informed the school management about it.

The driver was rushed to the Asind Community Health Center. However, as his health condition deteriorated he was being shifted to Bhilwara however he succumbed to the attack before reaching the hospital.

A pall of gloom has descended in the area following death of Mahendra Singh while everybody are in all praise for his dedication and sacrifice towards his duty.

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