Puppies fight large snake to help sibling escape its grip: Watch

In a hair-raising video, three cute little yet brave puppies fight a large snake to help their sibling escape its grip. Watch video here.

In a hair-raising video, three cute little puppies fight large snake to help their sibling escape its grip. The Internet is a storehouse of animal videos, and most of them are cute or emotional. However, the recent viral video is anything but lovely, it is terrifying and motivational at the same time.

Shared on Facebook by Loli Gaming, a gaming video creator according to her bio, the clip features three puppies fighting with a snake.

The video begins with a snake wrapped around the neck and upper body of a puppy while two other canine babies hold the reptile in their mouths. The one at the snake’s tail seems to be suffering from the grip as it cries for help. Meantime, the other two keep biting the snake and pulling it away from their sibling. An older dog can also be seen standing nearby while the kids struggle.

A few seconds into the video and the brave puppies could be seen winning when the snake finally releases the baby from its grip. As soon as the puppy gets out of the tight hold, it bounces back and attacks the snake.

Take a look:

“Dogs save their fellow humans when attacked by snakes,” reads the caption in the post. So far, the video has garnered more than 14k views.

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