Pakistani student uses lyrics of Ali Zafar’s Jhoom to answer a Physics question, singer reacts

The famous singer Ali Zafar retweeted a video showing how a Pakistani student wrote lyrics of his song Jhoom in physics exam

The best memories that we all cherish in our future is the time of our school days. While many of us can quickly recall some of our favourite memories from our time in school, a recent social media incident will undoubtedly bring a smile on your face.

The video opens with a Pakistan teacher showing how a student answered a question in his physics exam for Class 11. The teacher in the video states that, he was evaluating the physics copies of first-year students of the Karachi board. After correcting a few papers he came across a student’s answer sheet where he used the lyrics of the artist Ali Zafar song Jhoom to answer a physics question. He concludes by saying that, the students believes that the examiners are blind and would just mark whatever they write.

The clip has been posted on Twitter which was retweeted by the famous singer Ali Zafar with the caption,” I request my students not to look for physics in my songs, even though physics is everywhere, including in the lyrics of this song. But then respect the teaching and teachers while studying.”

Take a look at the post:

Since being shared, the video has received 70.4k views and 2,200 likes. Impressed by the video, netizens flocked the comment section with their reactions.

One user wrote,“Now it’s your responsibility to sing three laws of newton/concepts of physics.” Another commented,” That’s so considerate and a responsible reaction.” A third comment reads, ”Hahahahaha.” A fourth wrote,” Maybe your next song lyrics could be the answer to this particular physics question!”

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