Viral Video: Noise Complaints drag California cops to Punjabi Wedding, Watch what happens!

Mandiver Toor was getting hitched to his fiance Raman, a couple of days back. The pre-wedding festivities were in full swing. During the Jaago ceremony, friends and relatives of the groom were partying with great pomp and enthusiasm.

However, as they partied hard with loud music on, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office was alerted about it and they arrived at the venue.

Seeing cops at the venue was little worrisome for the guests but what left them amused was what happened next. The two cops joined on the dance floor and grooved to some hit Punjabi tunes.

Instead of shutting the party down, the cops joined the dance floor with other family members.


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“We spoke to them, they were super cool, super chill. We asked them to dance and then I taught him two moves, ‘turn the doorknob’, ‘turn the light bulb’, ‘crush the cigarette’ and he got up there and he just did his own thing. He was awesome,” one of the groomsmen said.

Later in a tweet, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office thanked the hosts for their kind treatment and hospitality. The tweet read: “Our Deputies were thrilled with the kindness and hospitality of the guests! It should be noted that the homeowners did agree to turn the music down.”

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