Man sitting on toilet finds large python slithering atop shower, pics here

The reptile was reportedly spotted by a man who was sitting on the toilet in Australia

A few chilling photos have come to the fore recently in which it has been seen that a huge python is slithering atop the shower screen. The reptile was reportedly spotted by a man who was sitting on the toilet. The images were posted to Facebook. The incident reportedly took place in Australia.

Shared on Facebook Page ‘Hudson Snake Catching – Gold Coast Snake Catcher’ five days ago the caption of the post reads, “Carpet python gave a client a spook when they went to the bathroom today. Thanks to Anthony Jackson for relocating this guy from a property in Oxenford.”

Two photos have been uploaded in the post where we can see that a large python is hanging from the shower screen. It is said to be a carpet python and it gave a spook to the client in the bathroom.

In another incident a few days back a single mom in Centennial, Colorado purchased a new home and discovered a large number of snakes were living there too.

The snakes were shockingly large and were coiled up in a wall crack right next to the door. She was led to believe that there were even more snakes above them when Hall put her hand on the wall above them and said she could feel the warmth.

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