Hillarious! Girls fight crazily in the middle of a street; Video goes viral

Internet has always brought us many funny, amusing, weird and funny videos which makes us laugh. Now a new viral video has caught the attention of the social media users.

The viral video is of a crazy fight between a group of girls in the middle of a street.

In the video, three young girls, clad in jeans and sneakers, are seen aggressively fighting with each other.

The girls are and punching each other in addition to pulling hair in such a savage way like they are street fighters and it’s hilarious.

After a few seconds, one girl exits the scene and the two girls were left fighting aggressively.

The fight continues the fight while the onlookers stay looking on this scene from a distance. At last one other girl tries to separate them but she was soon gets out of the scene in fright seeing their aggressive fighting.

All this time Mahabharat music was heard playing in the blackground of the video.

It’s not known where the video is from and why the girls are fighting but the video has gone viral, and people are in spilts seeing the crazy girls fight.

The video is shared on Instagram by a user named satu_saini90.

Here is the video:


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A post shared by Sa Tu SaiNi (@satu_saini90)

The video has already got more than 13, 000 likes on the social media platform and many people left comments on the funny video.

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