Emotional tale of a Kerala kid and its happy ending

During lock down when the whole country is busy fighting with the pandemic, an interesting event has been witnessed in Kerala. In a cheerful development a kid finally earned reward for his love for trees. And of course job of the Police is commendable in this incident.

Pavan Nash is a 12-year-old student from Ernakulam district of Kerala. Two years back he had planted a gooseberry tree in his yard. He was regularly taking care of the tree like a family member.

On August 24, Pavan saw that the tree that he had been taking care for the last two years had been chopped. It was ascertained that it was the act of some miscreants. Disheartened Pavan became very sad. He shed tears for hours and then decided not to let it go unnoticed. He called up Police and intimated the matter via Chiri.

Chiri is a tele-counselling initiative set up by the Kerala State government to protect the mental health of minors during lock down. Chiri means smile in the vernacular language. So, motto of the campaign is to bring smile in the face of the kids.

The complaint by the kid remained a matter of discussion in the Police department. They felt sorry about it and vowed to make the kid happy again.

On direction from higher authorities, the local police visited the kid’s house later and presented him nine new saplings including tamarind, guava and gooseberry.

Not only this, even a firm from Kochi came forward to help out Pavan and gifted him a CCTV camera to prevent future theft.

Now, Pavan has got a reason to smile. And the locals have all praise for Kerala Police for this noble gesture.

After the episode was reported in media it also garnered huge accolades from netizens. Most of them appreciated Police and were all love for Pavan, his love for trees as well as his exemplary attempt to conserve nature.

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