Elephant Steals Woman’s Hat; Watch The Adorable Viral Video

You might be watching several videos on the social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter each day. Some of the videos sometimes are so adorable or attractive that they become viral. One such video of an elephant is now breaking the internet.

American basketball player Rex Chapman has shared the video on his Twitter handle. “Timeline cleanser: An elephant playing a joke on a lady. They’re so brilliant…(sic),” he captioned the video while sharing it.

The 26-second long video is about an elephant and a woman. In the video, it can be seen that the woman was standing in front of an elephant to get a picture clicked with the animal. However, the elephant steals the woman’s hat.

As soon as the elephant steals her hat, the woman along with others (who are not in the frame but their voice can be heard) like it and laughed aloud.

A few moments later, the woman is seen requesting the elephant to return the hat. “Please give my hat back, please (sic),” she says following which the elephant takes the hat out of its mouth and returns it to the woman.

Over 496.5 k people have watched the video so far while more than 4 k Twitter users have re-tweeted it. Likewise, 20.2 k people have liked the video.

Watch the video:

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