Dog playing piano and sings to the tune, video goes viral: Watch

Dogs often try to imitate activities of their masters at the house. And the imitations are sometimes simply adorable. One such video has surfaced lately that has gone viral on social media earing amusing comments.

The video was posted to Instagram two days ago by a user named dogsofinstagram. He captioned the post saying, “Belt it out buddy, feel the music with an emoji. And the text on the video reads, “My dog loves to sing and play the piano”.   The Insta post has so far earned more than 56k plus likes.

The video has earned quite a good number of comments. A user wrote, “Elton John at his finest.” Another user wrote, “That’s one Paw-ssionate pooch.” Another user admired the video writing, “Oh my goodness this is too sweet.”

Another interesting remark the post earned says, “best thing I have seen all year.” Another user writes, “It feels like he was a soulful pianist solo artist in another life.” Another user writes, “That’s a Grammy (trophy) for sure!”

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