Disturbing Video: 3 girls stuck in elevator in Ghaziabad, netizens raise concern

Video of kids terrified as they get trapped inside an elevator in a housing society in Ghaziabad for nearly half an hour.

A disturbing video of three girls, aged 8 to 10, has surfaced online. The clip shows the kids terrified as they got trapped inside an elevator in a housing society in Ghaziabad for nearly half an hour.
Reportedly, the elevator in Assotech The Nest in Ghaziabad’s Crossings Republik township suddenly broke down with the three girls inside it. The children were stuck in the enclosed space for around 20 minutes before they were rescued.
A CCTV footage of the incident was uploaded on social media and went viral in no time. In the 1 minute 40 seconds video, the girls stuck in the elevator, can be seen panicking, crying and pressing the bell button seeking for help. One of them can also be seen attempting to open the lift’s doors by force while reassuring her friends of their safe rescue.

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According to the resident of the housing society, the lift broke down because of poor maintenance.
Following the incident, a complaint has been lodged against the office bearers of the society’s Apartment Owners’ Association and the maintenance company.

The parents of one of the girls who was stuck in the elevator also lodged a complaint with the local police. The child’s father alleged that more than Rs 25 lakh are spent annually on the maintenance of the lift.

He further added that the lift have been showing trouble for quite a long time but no action was being taken by the authority to fix it.

Meanwhile, netizens are furious about the happening. While some, who share the same society  came forward saying that it is an usual problem at the particular building, others were concern for their kid’s safety.

One person wrote, “I live in the same society. यहाँ पे ये रोज का किस्सा है. समझ नही आता क्या किया जाये! (It is a everyday thing here, I don’t understand what can be done). Another comment read, “No doubt it is very sad . At the same parents should also tell their children not go alone in lift. Without the company of elder.”
A third person seeked help from police, “@UPPolice please take the action against society’s maintenance.”

Many also praised the bravery of the girl who was trying to calm her friends in such situation and kept trying to open the doors.

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