Cobra coils up around woman’s leg for 3 hours, watch viral video

A cobra coiled up itself around the leg of a woman in Uttar Pradesh recently for long three hours. Finding no way make herself free from the grip of the poisonous snake, the woman went on praying Lord Shiva all the time. Finally, she was freed after reportedly a snake charmer came and made the snake to go away.

X platform user Shailendra Singh shared the video on his X (formerly Twitter) handle and wrote in the caption in Hindi which means, Cobra stayed coiling up itself around leg of woman for three hours while the woman continued praying Lord Shiva with folded hands.

It is to be noted that now the month of Shraban is going on and huge number of devotees are worshiping Lord Shiva. While kawadias are carrying water for long distance to pour it on Shivalinga, others are also worshiping their way. And appearance of cobra is also considered related to worship of Lord Shiva in this month.

In the video, the woman was seen praying Lord Shiva and she was narrowly escaped.

Watch the video here:

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