Bride and groom get angry at each other during their marriage, did such a thing that video became viral

Yet another wedding video is going viral on social media now. The viral video has been shared on an Instagram page ‘ghantaa’ with the title ‘Chill Didi Chill’.

In the video, which has been shared two days ago, it can be seen that the bride and her groom are standing on the stage during their marriage ceremony.

In the meantime, as advised by the priest, the groom feeds some sweets to the bride in the presence of their friends and family members. However, the bride angrily takes the sweet and throws it away.

Later, the bride gives a glass of water to the groom, who refused to receive it. As the groom did not receive the water, the groom takes the glass and throws it into the crowd angrily.

The Instagram users soon reacted to the video with their epic and amusing comments. Some of them even assumed that it seems like the two are being forcefully married, especially the bride and their marriage may not last long if they are already fighting on their wedding day.


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Here are some reactions of the Instagram users.

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