Amul introduces new ice-cream with ‘isabgol,’ Netizens asks ‘How about Dolo 650 flavour?’

Who doesn’t like ice-creams, especially given the sweltering weather, these mouthwatering delicacies are a life saver. Everyone must have a specific favourite flavour of ice-cream they can never say no to. While some prefer some add-on like chopped dry fruit mixes, or chocolate syrup or sprinkles, some like to enjoy it just as it is.

Diary brand Amul that is vividly known for its variety of rich ice-creams, recently announced the launch of a new flavour. Along with Fig and cashew, the new product is said to have the goodness of ‘Isabgol’ (Psyllium Husk), and netizens are not impressed by it.

On Sunday, the diary brand took to Instagram to introduce ‘Isabcool’ and shared a poster which read, “Goodness of Isabgol with cashew and fig.” “Introducing the all-new Isabcool Kaju Anjir.A royal treat for your sweet tooth and belly.”

Isabgol is a dietary fibre that promotes laxation, and the idea of adding it to ice creams has irked many. Users took the comment section to react on the product. One comment read, “How about Dolo 650 flavour ice cream?” and another user wrote, “I think that this contains satisabgol in it will increase the problem of constipation in people because isabgol if taken with cold water ,curd ice cream tends to aggrevate constipation problem in people.”

Third comment read, “Next they’ll make a flavour with Roko and call it Rokool.”

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