WATCH! Crocodile Galloping Towards A Man In This Viral Video

Crocodiles rank among some of the most feared animals by humans. Their strong bites and sharp teeth make them extremely dangerous as well. However, the one thing that puts people at ease is that they are found mostly in water, and are relatively slow on land, so even if one is spotted, it would not be that hard to run away. That is what the general notion is anyway. In reality, crocodiles can reach speeds of about 15-35 kmph!

Recently a video has surfaced on the internet that feeds fuel to this nightmare that is fast running crocs!

A video uploaded by Gatorland on their Facebook page shows a Cuban Crocodile galloping inside its enclosure and chasing a man down as he runs away.

Cuban Crocodiles are a small to medium size of crocodile species endemic to Cuba. Despite their small size they can be very dangerous as they are said to be extremely aggressive. However the ones raised in captivity can also be taught to perform various tricks, suggesting higher levels of intelligence than seen in other crocodilian species.

The short viral video showing the crocodile galloping towards a man was posted by Gatorland, a theme park in Florida, on their Facebook page on August 18,2022. The video has managed to garner over 1.3 million views, and 8000 likes.

According to the post, the video features a crocodile called Chainsaw. The video was posted with the caption “CHAINSAW IN ACTION Our Amazing Cuban Crocodile‼️ #gatorland”.

Watch the video here:

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