Viral: Smart monkey makes tiger fall of a tree, watch hilarious video

Monkeys are extremely intelligent creatures. Meanwhile tigers are also very dangerous animals that are at the top of the food chain in their eco-system. When monkeys and tigers cross paths, tigers are the more powerful force, and if given a chance will hunt down the monkey to fill their stomach. However, monkeys are way smarter than tigers. Even though tigers are way more strong physically, monkeys often manage to outwit them with their clever tactics. In one such video that has recently gone viral, a monkey can be seen outwitting a tiger and ultimately making it fall out off the tree!

As the video starts, the big cat and a female monkey with her baby clinging to her can be seen on top of a tree. Though it is unclear as to which tree it is, it seems that the branches of the tree are not very strong. They are quite bendy, as a matter of fact. It seems like a miracle that they are able to hold the weight of the tiger as well as the monkey and her baby.

The striped beast can be seen following the ape as it moves deftly around the tree branches. However, tigers are not the best climbers out their. As a matter of fact, they are not even the best climbers amongst the big cats. Thus, the feline can be seen having a hard time following its marked prey. The monkey swings deftly from one branch to another even while its baby is clinging on to it. It does not seem to be worried or scared. It moves around almost leisurely, waiting for the tiger to reach closer before moving away.

Finally the monkey grabs a low hanging branch. When the tiger starts to follow it again, the ape grabs a higher branch and swings out of the way. At this point, the big cat loses its balance and falls out of the tree. The majestic striped beast then simply gives up its pursuit and takes a break right where it fell, panting and yet sitting like a royal.

The video shared by IAS Awanish Sharan on Twitter has grabbed a lot of attention. It has been viewed over 1,75,000 times and has over 8000 likes.

Watch the viral video here:

“Halat ka ‘shikaar'”, wrote Sharan as the caption. This essentially means ‘victim of circumstances’.

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