Video of “crocodiles” invading a beach goes viral, netizens react

Crocodilians are large, predatory, semi-aquatic reptiles. The order Crocodilia includes the true crocodiles, the alligators and caimans, and the gharial and false gharial. Large, solidly built, lizard-like reptiles, crocodilians have long flattened snouts, laterally compressed tails, and eyes, ears, and nostrils at the top of the head. They are recognised as one of the most capable predatory species in the world. Since they are very strong creatures capable of dealing a lot of damage and have also been known to attack humans on various occasions, people tend to be fairly scared of them, and rightfully so. Recently a post has gone viral on social media. The video appears to be of multiple crocodilians ‘invading’ a beach.

The clip showed the reptiles sunbathing on the shore and a few of them were also seen in the water. The video was shared by Ken Rutkowski, a radio talk show host, on his Twitter account. He posted the video saying that “an invasion of crocodiles” has left people panicking. Watch his post here:

This video triggered a variety of response from social media users. However, according to many, many people, the person who posted the video was misinformed about it.

According to users, it was not an invasion, rather, the natural habitat of the species. The video was of Brazilian Yacare Caiman, who were sunbathing along the bank of Nabileque River in the Pantanals, which are supposed to be the largest wetlands.

People also pointed out that people invade the lands of wild animals, and not the other way around. It was also pointed out that the place where the video was taken, that is the Pantanals, had no human population, so nobody was panicking or in any sort of danger at all.


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