Vegetable vendors in Bhubaneswar unit-1 haat to go on strike from October 20

The vegetable vendors in Bhubaneswar Unit-1 haat will go on strike from October 20 if their demands are not fulfilled

Bhubaneswar: The vegetable vendors in Bhubaneswar Unit-1 haat will go on strike from October 20 if their demands are not fulfilled, said reports.

Agitation of vegetable traders Mahajan Sangh in the capital city of Bhubaneswar is scheduled to start. They have forwarded a seven-point charter of demands to the state government.

It is worth mentioning that, if the demands are not met, the capital’s largest market that is Unit-1 Haat Traders Union will go on strike from the October 20, 2023.

As a result, raw vegetable will not be available in the capital. Rawvegetables crisis may occur in the entire state including Bhubaneswar. The trucks coming from Maharashtra, Bengal, West Bengal, Telangana will not come anymore.

This decision has been taken by Raw Vegetables Traders Association. The Mahajan Association has alleged that the road near SBI has been blocked by Unit 1 Durga Puja Committee. In addition, the union has also demanded to remove the plastic market on the side of the road. Besides, the union has demanded to provide 10 acres of land in Bhagbanpur.

Along with this, the union will take up the agitation with major demands such as construction of 2-storey market building instead of nine storey in unit no.2, accommodation of all the traders from AG to Rajmahal in unit 1 haat.

Their other demand are closure of temporary plastic bazaar, winter clothes bazaar, sale of idols during various pujas. In case of agitation, it will affect the city of Bhubaneswar including Puri, Brahmagiri, Nimapada, Astarang, Kakatpur, Khurda, Jatni.

On the other hand, BMC Commissioner has requested not to agitate due to the festive season season ahead. He has further assured that if there is any problem, it will be solved through discussion. The BMC commissioner said that if necessary, the meeting will be convened soon.

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