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Users should know how to run WhatsApp on low data pack recharge

WhatsApp has become a necessity in India at present. People of all ages are associated with WhatsApp. At the same time, office meetings are being held with WhatsApp at the time of work home, as well as WhatsApp is playing a very important role in children’s online education. But because of so many uses, WhatsApp data runs out quickly. In such a situation, users need expensive recharge packs with more data. But if some tips are followed, then WhatsApp can be run openly in a recharge of a low rupee.

This is how internet data gets wasted

WhatsApp usage consumes a lot of data, this is true. But there is also a truth that due to lack of some information, many times more data is consumed. It is often seen that some unnecessary photos or videos of WhatsApp are automatically downloaded, which you did not want to download at all. In such a situation, if two or three changes are made in the settings of WhatsApp, then the waste of your data can stop.

Turn off auto download option

WhatsApp users should first turn off the Auto Download Save option. This will not download every photo and video that comes on WhatsApp. Only the photos and videos that users click on will be downloaded. This will have two advantages. This will save your data, second, your phone’s memory will not be full of photos and videos without any need.

What to do

  • WhatsApp users will first have to go to the Setting option, where they have to click on Data and Storage usage.
  • Here users will see media auto download, which will have options for photos, audio, video and documents.
  • Clicking on it will show three options, first Never, second Wi-Fi and third Wi-Fi and cellular.
  • If you click on Wi-Fi, any of your media files will be saved only when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. This way your phone’s data will be saved. If you click on Never, then you will be able to save the data of home or office along with the phone.

Auto save chat stop

  • If you do not want WhatsApp users, you can save them from filling up the memory of your phone by saving from chat without any reason. For this, the auto save option of chat has to be turned off.
  • Go to the WhatsApp settings and click on the chat option.
  • After this, click on Chat Backup and go to Auto Backup and click Off.
  • There is also an option to include videos, which means that you can only save chats, do not save the video of chats because it costs data to download videos.

Save data in WhatsApp calling

  • Data can be saved during WhatsApp calling. For this, your phone has settings. But clicking this option also slightly degrades the quality of audio and video calls.
  • First click on WhatsApp’s settings.
  • Then click on Data and storage usage.
  • Then go to call settings and turn on low data usage.

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