Strict traffic checking in Bhubaneswar, 135 vehicles towed away

Police enforces strict traffic checking in Bhubaneswar. Awareness campaigns and special drive conducted for four days.

Bhubaneswar: Traffic problems have become a challenge now-a-days in Bhubaneswar the capital city of Odisha leading to strict traffic checking in Bhubaneswar.

The Bhubaneswar city police have always tried to solve traffic problems. For this, many awareness programs have been undertaken by the police at different times.

But in many cases, if necessary, strictness is also adopted against the defaulters. A special drive was conducted for a total of four days from November 23, 2022 against illegal parking by the traffic police.

A total of 135 vehicles were picked up by the traffic police by towing vehicles and 67,500 rupees were deducted from the border. Apart from this, they also paid the prescribed charges of the towing vehicle.

The purpose of this campaign of Bhubaneswar Police is to make the public aware of illegal parking on the road, speeding, overloading, using mobile phone while driving, driving without helmet and without seat belt etc. By this, a lot of lives and property can be saved and traffic problems can also be avoided.

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