Snana Purnima in Puri: Blood stain spotted near Snana Mandapa, Mahasnana rituals to be performed again

The Mahasnana rituals of Lord Jagannath and his siblings will be performed again as a blood stain was spotted near the Snana Mandapa.

Puri: The Mahasnana (bathing) rituals of Lord Jagannath and his siblings on the occasion of the Snana Purnima will be performed yet again as a blood stain was reportedly spotted near the Snana Mandapa of the 12th century shrine.

According to reports, the rituals of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, Debi Subhadra and His Aayudha Sudarshan Chakra- were held as per the schedule.

The Snana Purnima rituals began with the Mangala Alati and was followed by the Abakasa Niti. Even the magnificent bathing rituals of the deities had completed after the Chaturdhamurti were treated with 108 pitchers of special herbal water.

The costumes for the Hati Besha of the deities also had arrived at the Srimandir and the idols of the trinity were about to be decorated with this special attire after bathing rituals. In the meantime, a cop of the Jagannath Temple Police station spotted a blood stain near the Snana Mandapa and informed the servitors.

Later, the servitors decided to conduct the Mahasnana rituals yet again. As per the tradition, if blood stain is found on the premises of the Srimandir it has to be purified and the rituals have to be performed again.

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